How to Resurrect Thanksgiving Leftovers

It’s been a while since I wrote a “Thrifty Friday” post, so I thought I’d post this as something relevant I recently learned… Feeding people good food makes me abnormally happy. (I seriously have to will myself not to don a 50s apron and wear a stupid grin and hum show tunes under my breath.)Continue reading “How to Resurrect Thanksgiving Leftovers”

Thrifty Friday–Out of Town Wedding

Three weeks ago, my dear sweet sister-in-law was finally wed to her man in the sunny state of Florida. Their garden wedding was simple and elegant, and all the prep (though crazy!) was actually a lot of fun. Captained by our fearless leader, my mother-in-law, the whole family banded together to tackle the decorating, catering,Continue reading “Thrifty Friday–Out of Town Wedding”

Thrifty Friday — Laundry Edition

Oh goodness, the video just killed me–I love the frilly little dress she holds up at the end. Today I’m taking a sabbatical from edible recipes to talk about homemade laundry detergent—not as tasty, but definitely cheap and useful. My experience with using this type of soap has been nothing but positive. My clothes haven’t undergoneContinue reading “Thrifty Friday — Laundry Edition”

Thrifty Friday — Pasta e Fagioli

Welcome back to Thrifty Friday! Earlier this week, I had a chat with one of my girlfriends. We were foodie buddies in college, and now that we’re both married we do our best to swap relevant information as we navigate this whole young-and-newly-wed-and-trying-to-be-responsible thing. During the conversation, I expressed to her my surprise that certainContinue reading “Thrifty Friday — Pasta e Fagioli”

What’s for Dinner? — Thrifty Friday

I’ve posted articles here and there before including recipes, but that was before cooking became an integral part of my day. Since embarking on married life on January 3rd of this year, I have transferred my efforts from cooking-for-fun to cooking-to-feed-my-husband-and-myself-on-a-budget. I’ve determined there are three primary goals I strive for when cooking a meal.Continue reading “What’s for Dinner? — Thrifty Friday”