Why Abstinence Matters

“We’re engaged, which means we’re already committed like we’re married.” “We’d better live together first to make sure we’re compatible enough for marriage. Everyone else is, anyway.” “I don’t want our first time to be on our wedding night – how awkward would that be?” “We’re only a couple weeks out from our wedding. ItContinue reading “Why Abstinence Matters”

Anxiety in Light of Christ

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my struggle with anxiety and/or depression on this blog before.  The depression has launched a couple of major campaigns against my sanity in both high school and college, and we’ve had several skirmishes in between. Anxiety has been my constant companion since earlier on, I just didn’t have a word forContinue reading “Anxiety in Light of Christ”

Marriage Advice from a N00b

You’ll have to take what I say with a grain of salt–today is our first year anniversary and we’re currently recovering from a delightful, overly-indulgent dinner. I’m a little nostalgic (“Ooh, this time last year I was waking up at 4am, horribly sick…and by this time we were taking pictures on the lake with -15Continue reading “Marriage Advice from a N00b”

When You’re a Hypocrite…And Also a Blogger

  If you happen to notice such things, it may have struck you that it’s been a little quiet in the Audacious Poet blogosphere. I’d like to say it’s because I’m busy–and I am busy–but that’s not the primary reason I haven’t written anything substantial since… I’m afraid to look. October? Well, beginning of November,Continue reading “When You’re a Hypocrite…And Also a Blogger”

Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason

Originally posted on Erica's Adventures:
I have stumbled across a lovely sister in Christ through social media. Chloe Quimby maintains a blog and has a lot of insights to share regarding life and truly following God. I have been so blessed following her blog that I asked her to guest post on here, and…

5 Contrasts Between Holy Living & Holistic Living

Let me begin by saying these lifestyles are not mutually exclusive. A Christian can adopt holistic practices for the sake of health and not be any less a Christian. In fact, we’re told in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 that we are bought with a price and our bodies now belong to the Lord; therefore, we oughtContinue reading “5 Contrasts Between Holy Living & Holistic Living”

Frugal, Minimalist, Non-consuming Christian

I chose the buzzwords above because they all seem to describe aspects of the same mindset–one which, for one reason or another, would rather make choices about money/possessions than be ruled by them. I’ve been exploring a variety of “literature” on the topic for the past several months. I’ve read it all: Mr. Money Mustache,Continue reading “Frugal, Minimalist, Non-consuming Christian”

Book Review: The Heavenly Man

A convicting read, within The Heavenly Man Brother Yun (with Paul Hattaway) tells the story of his conversion and subsequent ministry in communist China. His story begins at the age of 16, during the 1970s when persecution of the Church in China began to increase greatly. His ability to endure and preach the gospel inContinue reading “Book Review: The Heavenly Man”

Book Review: For the Joy Set Before Us

Within the pages of For the Joy Set Before Us, Erica Fye provides not only the promised “insights into missionary life,” but chapters full of practicable counsel for the ministry-minded Christian. Although focused on Ms. Fye’s experience in foreign missionary work (topics include re-entry shock, adjusting to life in a new culture, etc.), Scriptural truthContinue reading “Book Review: For the Joy Set Before Us”

On Christian Unity

It seems like–in America especially–Satan has largely succeeded in dividing the Church. Not only are Christians broken into factions, sometimes called denominations, but individuals in a single church are often isolated from one another. The Christian community talks about unity. But how many of us develop friendships outside our Bible studies (or cliques, or churches)?Continue reading “On Christian Unity”