Grace-filled Motherhood in Action

Have I ever mentioned the number of awesome moms I know? There are moms of littles, in the thick of bedtime battles and tender snuggles, nursing woes and first words. There are the moms homeschooling a whole slew of school-aged kiddos, and doing it excellently. There are the multitasking moms, keeping the home fires burning and working outside the house as well. And there are the moms2; that is, grandmas who take on both the momming and grandmomming gig simultaneously. My hat goes off to all you superwomen.

And the common thing I see with all the solid, Christian ladies? Their parenting is grace-filled. The blessings they pour out on others – without regard for what kind of mood they’re in or who’s deserving that day – is a constant, living lesson in Christ-like character. Gifts like time and attention, patience, second chances, and kind words just flow out of their lives. And if you’re a mom in my life reading this? You may be too humble (or exhausted or frazzled) to imagine it, but I’m talking about and to you.

Hey, I get it; you aren’t perfect. You could hand me a substantial list of mistakes you’ve made and guilt trips you’ve taken in the past twenty-four hours. If compelled under oath in court of law, your husband might even admit that some of that stuff is true. But let me tell you something else: you and I serve a mighty and merciful God. And I’m privileged to see Him using the good and the bad to His glory. Christian Mama, He’s working through you, and yeah, (at times) in spite of you. But your life is permeated with His goodness.

Needless to say, I’m learning a lot from you all. Here are some of my favorite quips from grace-filled parents, from all the folks whom I have the pleasure to walk alongside.

  1. “Let’s try that again.” This is primarily something I hear with moms of littles, but I see it lived out and rephrased by moms of older children, too. I love the grace in giving a second chance; in teaching self-discipline, without necessarily disciplining right away. I’m definitely attempting to use this sentence with my own little, and I’m grateful that God takes a similar tone with me!
  2. “What do you need?” It is so hard to respond to a meltdown like this, particularly if it’s at 4am and you’re night weaning and you know that EVERYONE just needs some SLEEP. And my husband is really good at saying these words (and meaning them). I can attest to the fact that these words are a soothing balm to my own tearful frustrations. Thanks, Matt. Thanks, Mom.
  3. “Things change all the time.” My mother-in-law is something of a Naomi in my life (sans the sickly sons and “call me bitter” bit). This has, many times, been her  comfort to me. Pregnant and barely making ends meet? God’s got it covered; something will open up. Can’t find a place to live? Browse the classifieds again tomorrow. Breastfeeding is difficult and sleep is elusive? Treasure these moments. You’ll have new challenges next month. Moms of adults and grandmas certainly have the gift of perspective.
  4. “We’re making time for date nights.” Having friends that are gracious to their husbands – friends who build up their spouses and actively engage in their marriages – has been invaluable to us as a couple.

Many of you are familiar with Titus 2, where Paul talks about roles of Christian women in the Church and their relationships with one another, the older teaching the younger to “love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.” From the bottom of my heart – thank you to each woman in my life putting forth this example to myself and others. It is a tremendous testimony to the power of God’s Word, and a tremendous encouragement to those around you. Y’all are pretty swell.

All right, ladies – with Mother’s Day fast approaching, what are your favourite lessons and quotes from godly moms in your life?


Published by anaudaciouspoet

I am a Christian, biologist wife and mama who loves writing. I currently spend my days housewifing, which involves a good deal of cooking, cleaning, budgeting, reading, baby care, and general researching among other sundries. God continually blesses me with good friends and more-than-sufficient grace for each day. This blog is dedicated to the beautiful mess that is life. It is a way to share with the world that the sweetest parts of lifelong learning are lessons on God's character, deep friendships, good food, and quiet moments.

One thought on “Grace-filled Motherhood in Action

  1. There isn’t a “love” option of reacting here, but I definitely do! I’m loving reading your posts about mom-ing and your wonderful godly perspective of it all!


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