Home for the Holidays


“The term is over: the holidays have begun. The dream is ended: this is morning.” ~ The Last Battle, C. S. Lewis

I never think of “the holidays” unless it’s in a cheerful voice with a British accent. My holidays have at last begun. Finals are behind me, and all that’s left is a short discussion board post and a quiz due at 1129 this very night. I checked this morning to see what reading Dr. Meeks required, and realizing it was much more than I expected, there was no motivation to begin at once. So, here I am composing something more enjoyable to write than my opinion of whether or not terrorists should be tortured. (A lovely thought with which to enter into the Christmas season, don’t you think?)

The house is a little colder than when I left a week and a half ago. We’ve got snow again–the squeaky, powdery sort that’s great for skiing and pretty to look at, but rubbish on the roads when the wind is blowing. For the most part, I’m admiring from beside the coal stove, trying to soak up every bit of heat radiating from it. Once the last of my homework is turned in, I intend to visit the library post haste and pick out a couple of books. I’ve been meaning to finish C. S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy for some time, as well as picking up Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or Jurassic Park. As you can see, I’m on a bit of a science fiction kick at present.

As I begin to pay off my sleep debt and actually unwind, I look forward to Christmassy activities. Unfortunately, I’ve missed some of my local favourites, as I did last year because of school. Nonetheless, we’re supposed to bring in a tree this weekend and commence decorating. Hopefully, good will shall prevail and there will be no quarrels. It’s amazing the arguments that can break out over dropped pine needles and where things belong and who is in whose way. I can’t imagine the chaos with a bigger, younger family.

It is my intent to share pictures of our winter wonderland sometime next week, as well as some possible culinary adventures. I’ve actually realized that for all the food I make and enjoy, I haven’t written about any of it. So, stay tuned for cooking mishaps, snow, and a philosophical review of a book or two. Cheers!


Published by anaudaciouspoet

I am a Christian, biologist wife and mama who loves writing. I currently spend my days housewifing, which involves a good deal of cooking, cleaning, budgeting, reading, baby care, and general researching among other sundries. God continually blesses me with good friends and more-than-sufficient grace for each day. This blog is dedicated to the beautiful mess that is life. It is a way to share with the world that the sweetest parts of lifelong learning are lessons on God's character, deep friendships, good food, and quiet moments.

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